Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nit-Pick of the Week

L.A. is nothing if not a driving town. Our obsession with being in our cars means one unavoidable evil in a city with virtually no parking lots: Valet Parking. You must valet at the mall, the bank and at absolutely every restaurant. What should be a service that pampers quickly turns into a nightmare when you realize how much cologne these parking guys are wearing. It's fine to splash yourself with a little musk, but to douse yourself in cheap...and I mean the, "It's so cheap I can taste it in my mouth," cheap cologne is really starting to become a problem. As a "Picky-Chick," I don't want to cap a lovely evening off with a late night shower in hopes of getting Chaps out of my hair, clothes and mouth...blech. I vote that restaurants implement a "no cologne" policy for their valet and wait staff, which is sure to please even the ficklest of noses. All in favor, say "aye."

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