Friday, August 25, 2006

Going Natural

Over 100 degree the middle of nowhere...celebs flock. Besides the golf and spa aspect, Palm Springs and it's surrounding hoods (Palm Desert & Desert Hot Springs) offer more than just a massage.

The Body Deli is an eclectic boutique that promotes natural healing for the mind, body (especially hair and skin) and soul. Born in Palm Desert, the deli offers such fabulous concotions as aloe & lemongrass lotion and corn sugar based shampoos...all natural ingredients mixed in-house.

Thanks to the internet, you can forgo a plane ticket and take a test run from your air-conditioned home. Keep in mind that because they are "o-naturale" many of the products must be refrigerated and have expiration dates. It's worth making the fridge space, trust me.

The Body Deli
73-910 Hwy 111
Palm Desert, CA. 92253

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Anonymous said...

Hey Picky-Chick,
I have used the Radiance Enzyme Honey peel that has all of those Super Food Greens and LOVE IT!! I even tasted it, ha ha. The results were glowing. My skin was softer than it ever has felt. This product is very addicting. Great to see you Blogging about The Body Deli.