Friday, September 08, 2006

Nightmare on W. 55th St.

For a recent business trip to New York, I was interested in trying out a fairly new hotel recommended by a friend. "You should stay at the Dream Hotel. It's a really cool boutique in a great location." Well, he was right about the location, but not much else. While the decor is indeed cool and it is in fact a boutique, my experience was anything but what the name leads you to believe.

It started at check-in. It was pouring outside and when I asked the receptionist if it was suppose to rain the following day her "deer in headlights" response was, "I don't know." I stood there waiting for her to say...anything, but nope. On to my room. I won't even delve into the fact that it was 10ft x 10ft and illuminated by a disturbing neon blue is New York after all, but what I will tell you is everything else that went wrong.

- Phone... a dead line...literally didn't work (used my blackberry for my alarm instead of a wake-up call). Thankfully, the phone system started working again at approximately 2am when the loudest ring I have ever heard nearly threw me out of bed. This happened two more one there...just a happy-to-ring phone.

- The TV offered nothing other than the basics. No movie options and when you are traveling for want movie options.

- The temperature in the room was either 104 degrees or 60. Trying to get a balance was a lost cause. The soothing "jump start" affect of the air conditioner gave me the feeling of being in Hell's Kitchen (pre-2000).

- The Internet access...I figured if I wasn't going to sleep the early morning away (see above) then I would get some work done...but no..."we are having technically difficulties with our internet connection." That was it for me. I threw on some clothes, zipped up my suitcase and got out of the hotel as quickly as I could.

I have to be honest...since I checked out a day early and moved to the dependable W Hotel on Lexington, I didn't have an opportunity to scope out room service, the bar or really anything else. I can't say if they get the thumbs up or not.

My advice...stick to what you know.


Your Friend said...

If by "movie options," you meant porn, you have to dial #414 on your phone, turn your bathroom door handle twice and cough over your left shoulder to get the good stuff. Anyway, I'm sorry I led you astray, but I've stayed there many times and it's always been a pleasant experience.

Anonymous said...

This place is a total nightmare. Everything either broken or dirty. Rude staff. Tiny rooms. Freaky (and not in a good way) decor. Worst hotel experience in NYC. Park benches are free -- you're better off sleeping outside than this hole.