Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Picky-Chick Nit Pick

It has been months since I really had something to gripe about and then today...there was a guy with no manners who let an elevator door almost slam shut on a woman!

What has happened to the men in this world? Where is the chivalry? Ok, so maybe that is asking too much...tell me then...where is the class? Who is teaching these men to be so selfish? It seems like the role of men has slowly started to "reversevolve." You know, revert back to cave men. Gone are the days of opening doors and saying, "no, go first." On the rare occasion that does happen...I about have a heart attack and I quickly respond with, "You must be from the south." Indeed, they usually are.

While I understand women spent years fighting for their rights and demanding respect...we never meant for men to lose their way! Dudes...get a grip! There isn't a woman out there who wants to be equal when it comes to lugging anything heavy or fighting off evil elevator doors. Step up and get it together!

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