Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Picky-Chicks Love Dermalogica

There is nothing worse than being pressured to buy cosmetics or creams by a sales person. "This will take 10 years off your skin." Jeez, I don't need to look prepubescent!

Well, I had a wonderful experience at the Santa Monica Dermalogica store this past weekend where a helpful employee encouraged me to test before buying. That's right...test...before buying. I purchased a few items that I needed to replenish and then took her up on trying out a few of the foundation creams before spending the $40. I was able to take home some samples and give them a run. Wouldn't you know...I returned the next day to buy one of the foundations. Weird how that no pressure thing actually works.

Good for Dermalogica for standing behind their brand and not feeling the need to shove products down your throat for an extra dime.

If you don't live near a Dermalogica location, you can purchase online. A dear friend buys all her "Derma" products on What Great Skin.

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