Monday, March 05, 2007

Great Site

I am always looking for sites that are not intimidating...where there just may be something to learn. I stumbled across an interview with Wal-Mart exec Andy Ruben on Green Options and I thought to my picky self, "what a great site." It wasn't a lengthy, drawn out, completely politically driven interview. It got straight to the point about how Wal-Mart is trying to do their part around the environmental crisis.

With that, I started snooping around and discovered that it's a fabulous little source of beautifully "green" information. Info I can really use and implement into my life. With "Tip of the Day" and a "Green Life Guide," I felt a wave of happiness to have found such a gem.

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urban bloom said...

it's great when companies give back to the environment. hayden harnett has designed a bag which will donate a % of profits to global warming charities:

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