Monday, August 20, 2007

Peru in Need of Help

Just 2 weeks ago I was traveling through Peru...volunteering at a drop in center for kids...hiking the Inca Trail...capturing breathtaking views of Machu Picchu with my camera. Now, my heart breaks for the country that was so welcoming to me just a few days ago.

The earthquake devastation in Peru is horrendous and with most people living below the poverty line, they are in desperate need of aid. The people of Peru are simple. Just a few minutes away from the city centers, houses built of mud and food harvested in their own gardens is the way of life. They don't ask for much and focus most on family and supporting each other. When an earthquake hits, it hits hard and becomes a major part of history. 500 year old churches destroyed...villages leveled.

Please consider making a contribution to an organization like CARE in hopes of easing the grief of some of the youngest smiles of Peru.


beth said...

Great post, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Jen said...

Thank you, love your site!