Monday, June 19, 2006

Nit-Pick of the Week

Nothing beats picking up your beautifully pressed and clean clothes from the dry cleaner. The true relief comes when you realize they were in fact able to get the pasta sauce stain out of your favorite Anne Fontaine blouse (a result of you feeling the need to impersonate a drunk Tara Reid with Penne Arrabiata in your mouth). With one swift move, the blouse is hung in the closet and put back into your wardrobe rotation. Fab!

A few days go by when you decide to bring her out. You tear away the plastic, the hanger paper cover, safety pins and whatever other contraptions they use and place the crisp, white shirt over your "ready to rule the world" body. A quick glance in the mirror and you are off to what will surely be the day you get a raise or win the lottery when you notice the most horrific site. No, I am not talking about the stain...I am talking about "Hanger Arms!"

Why do dry cleaners use hangers that are meant for a person the width of an Escalade? The result are these HORRIBLE "dents" on the arm of your clothes...halfway between the shoulder and the elbow! Nothing...not even an iron can get these things out.

Please, dry cleaners of sensitive to us normal size ppl (and usually Picky-Chicks) and use hangers that fit human beings...not creatures of planet Giganticon!

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