Monday, June 26, 2006

Bring an end to public pooping!

Are Picky-Chicks the only ones who feels so utterly horrible for dogs and their public defecation? It is completely embarrassing. While some ppl would say dogs don't think twice about it, I beg to differ. There is a reason they stare straight ahead and don't look around barking, "Hey guys, come hang out while I take a crap!" or "Look at me! Look at me!" No, they find a spot, hunch over with their asses facing their owners and drop it off. They are totally humiliated and are really thinking, "I cannot believe cats get everything! They get to sleep on the bed and all over the clothes in the closet and get a private little corner...some even have roofs...where they get to pee and poop with no one watching."

Here is the best news ever for those of you who hate watching dogs poop! The Puppy Pawtie...ahh, cute play on words there. Now, don't get me wrong...this is one of MANY options for an indoor litter box experience for your pooch. It's gotta work, I mean look how happy the dogs are in the pics! Their faces looking toward the owner...not their butts.

Something to consider for both your dog and the people who feel bad for them.

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Mack Kitchel said...

Good stuff - I posted something similar...