Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Picky-Chick Getaway - Ojai

If there is one thing about a picky-chick it's that she likes to va-cay in style. Forget the hip spots US Weekly says Brad & Angelina were spotted...I am talking about someplace that doesn't require a private jet or your children's college fund.

The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is one of the most beautiful and relaxing resorts in Southern California. It's little over an hour north of Los Angeles and there isn't a whole lot to do...golf, spa, eat, drink. That's basically it and that's what is so fabulous about Ojai (pronounced "oh, hi Susan"). If you book a suite (approx $600 and up a night) you can enjoy an beautifully decorated & oversized room with jacuzzi tub, gas fireplace and all the wonderful Ojai Spa products (less expensive rooms are available for $350 and up).

It's perfect for a romantic weekend with your beau or spa time with your girlfriends. The laid back atmosphere and quiet guests (yes, quiet!) allow you to head home feeling nothing more than relaxed and rejuvenated!

Here are some of the highlights:
- The golf course was rated one of the best in California
- The spa smells of lavender and offers just the right treatments.
- Jimmy's bar (named after Jimmy Demaret) has the best thin crust pizza you'll ever taste.
- Jimmy, the course's Starter (no connection to the bar), has been guarding the greens since High School...and always with a smile!

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