Monday, July 24, 2006

Friendly Picking

News alert for all your Picky-Chicks...

You don't have to be best friends with everyone!

As we get older it's imperative that we are just as picky about who we spend time
with as we are a handbag or pair of shoes. For some reason, most of us think we have to be friends or stay friends with someone we just don't really click with. Luckily, with age comes a true sense of yourself. Sometimes you realize a friend is no longer the right fit. Here are a few examples...Maybe it hits you that every time you are with this person you gossip more than usual or come home in a bad mood.
Maybe you don't like the way they talk to their boyfriend or even other friends. The other side of this is that there is just nothing stimulating in the relationship. You don't learn anything by being friends with this person.

Guess what? It's ok to have the "break-up" talk. The truth is, if there is even a little tension in the relationship they probably agree that calling it quits might be best.

There is no need to be insensitive about it...just be honest. It will only make more room in your schedule (and heart) for those friends you truly love.

(kisses to my angels, LJ, Rain & AP...friends I'll never have to dump)

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Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

This point is valid. Sometimes you wake up and ask yourself: Who are these people and why am I friends with them. Then you become very close to pulling a full-on David Byrne. However, you collect yourself.

Loyalty is a virtue. But nurturing friendships out of desperation or guilt is a waste of time.

After all, ife is too short and Barry Bonds has all the Human Growth Hormone.