Friday, September 29, 2006

"I Think I Love You"

At some point, every woman has thought, "Wouldn't it be romantic to date a famous musician?...They can write songs about me...Everyone will look at me as his main inspiration!" A friend of mine recently showed me the darker side of being a musical muse.

"You see, Brooke...when it all turns to want to throw something every time that "screw off" break-up song comes on the radio. You can't walk into H&M without hearing him whine on and on about why it didn't work out. You are just trying perform a very simple, mundane act of picking up a cute "going out" top when your whole evening is blow to crap."

Hmmm...I hadn't really thought of it that way. I suppose she's right. It's bad enough bumping into an ex at at all, much less having to be reminded of him on every movie soundtrack or when at the supermarket.

Another important point is when you have moved on...started to date a new guy and all of a sudden during a totally romantic moment...THERE IT IS...that dog gone song might as well have the ex in the room with you!

While 99% cannot relate to what it's like to date a famous musician...I am not sure it should ever be something we aspire to. Afterall, that mixed tape can be tossed out, but hit songs live on forever.

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