Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Smarter Car

When a co-worker of mine said, "I'll drive," it hadn't occurred to me that my entire automotive world would be turned upside down. In a society that is finally starting to see that bigger isn't always better, it was almost unbelievable when I took a ride in her Smart Car (built by DaimlerChrysler AG's Mercedes Car Group).

At first glance, it's almost laughable. In fact, I did laugh...but once inside, I didn't miss the leg room and reclining space I have grown accustom to. Instead, I was quiet comfortable. It's roomier than I expected. In fact, if it wasn't for all the stares and points I might have even forgotten we were in this mini version of a car.

On top of looking cute, the Smart Car gets amazing gas mileage (it's been 3 weeks and counting since my friend has been to the pump) and is actually considered relatively safe. It rated "very strong" in frontal impact tests...side impact tests rated weaker and with significantly more damage. Might be best to keep them off major freeways for now.

Look, I'm not trading in my ride for a Smart Car just yet, but it's just good to know that we are starting to lean towards something a little more sensible. Who needs all that room anyway?

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