Friday, September 15, 2006

Notecards From Above

I recently went on a search for unique notecards. What I found was either too kitchy (flowers & pastels) or really boring ("thank you"). I wanted something that truly fit my personality. Something that screamed, "this is very me." It was like a gift from God when I found Carrot & Stick Press while wandering aimlessly on the internet.

Started by two friends who met in grad school, Carrot & Stick Press offers more than just your average notecards. All production is handled in their studio ensuring excellent quality and each piece is handprinted on one of their five antique letterpresses. With innovative wallpaper-like designs, C&P has finally forced a boring and formal world of basic notecards into bright forms of expression that can bring life-like energy to your thank you. Whether you are sending a gift or just saying hello, these cards will make that person feel as if you are in the room.

Their extensive website makes it simple to purchase online. Clean, crisp images and easy to understand terminology allow you to feel right at home when looking for the perfect cards.

Carrot & Stick Press
6020 A Adeline St. Ste. C
Oakland, CA 94608

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