Thursday, June 29, 2006

Parking Tickets = Broke!

OH...MY...GOD! I have just gotten another parking ticket. That will make a grand total of approximately 200 tickets since moving to Los Angeles 7 years ago ranging from $35-$65 a ticket. The "Parking Meter Checkers" are complete and total Nazis when it comes to writing tickets. What ppl outside of L.A. don't realize is that there aren't any options in this town. You can park at a meter or valet (see previous blog on valets and their cologne). So, when I have to be somewhere I prefer a meter, but holy crap I am going to be broke from how much I spend in paying off the tickets.

Trying to decipher what the rules are on the signs posted is like translating Japanese. I am convinced that once you have parked and skipped along to your destination, someone, somehow, somewhere comes out behind the bushes and swaps out the signs!

So, sorry future won't be going to college because Mom racked up parking tickets before you were born. Education is overrated anyway.

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