Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dahli Mama!

Your dear friend just told you that she is having a baby! We already know what to get the little one, but what about the soon-to-be mom?

Samson Martin is a simple, yet innovative company that designs due date tanks and tees for moms-to-be. While there are others options out there..."I ain't No Virgin" or "Beer Belly" baby-tees (picture Britney Spears-Federline), most ladies don't get bombarded with questions about losing their virginity...what they do get is a lot of people asking, "when are you due?" Samson Martin to the rescue!

By shopping in stores around the country or on their adorable website, you can snatch up stretchy, cotton tees that bear such sayings as "Dahli Mama," "Coming this Spring" and "Now Showing" (you can even throw in a onesie for the peanut on the way).

So when searching for a little something for your friend think cotton, comfy and self explanatory.

Some online stores selling Samson Martin:
Tutti Bella
Belly Dance Maternity
Due Maternity

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