Thursday, August 10, 2006

Healthy Mexican...Can It Be?

While I am not entirely sure who Kay & Dave are, I do know that the restaurant bearing their names serve delicious concoctions of healthy Mexican food.

With 3 locations, (Santa Monica, West L.A. & Pacific Palisades) Kay n' Dave's Cantina delivers breakfast like no other. Eggs, beans, every combination of veggies and meats. They don't use butter or lard and everything is made fresh daily! Not to mention they have the best chips and salsa in town.

Some favorite breakfast eats:
The Georgian (grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, topped w/ avocado/tomatillo sauce & ranchero cheese)
Mexican Eggs (eggs scrambled w/ tomatoes, onions & jalapenos, served with rice, beans & tortillas)
Chilaquiles (eggs, cheese & tortilla chips scrambled in tomato jalapeno sauce, served with rice, beans & tortillas)

Viva la comida sana!

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