Friday, August 11, 2006

Travel with a smile, but no Chapstick

In the past few days, the way we travel has changed once again. It seems like just yesterday we were asking, "why do I have to take my shoes off?" Now we are being stripped of all in-flight necessities from toothpaste to ipods.

Packing everything for "checked baggage" is going to be a new way of thinking for most of us, so here's a little somethin'. The next time you prep for your much needed vacation, check out Flight 001. It's paradise compared to most travel stores and offers everything from unusual luggage, hipster passport holders, first class blankets sets and retro airline carry-ons.

With stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago (and a full service website), Flight 011 is changing the attitude of travelers one neck pillow at a time.


Anonymous said...

This store is awesome and I love their website. Thanks!

Beth said...

Love love love this site! Thanks picky chick! I ended up buying lots of gifts on this site! They were having a great sale too!!